10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

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We visit supermarkets almost every day, yet we rarely think about how some of our shopping habits are downright wrong. However, such seemingly trivial things can be a serious drain on our budget.

To help you, iraxis has made a list of the most common shopping mistakes. More importantly, you’ll learn how to save on purchases without sacrificing on quality!

10. Shopping for products in the wrong order

We often find it difficult to limit the number of items we buy at supermarkets. But there’s nothing unrealistic about starting to choose more products that are good for our health. If you just can’t resist filling your cart to the brim, try starting your shopping at the vegetable department: greens and vegetables will take up lots of space, so there’ll be less room for the pricey and unhealthy stuff.

9. Not knowing the prices of products you buy regularly

Try to memorize, or even write down, the prices of the products you buy regularly. This will help you not to be fooled by fake sales when the price remains the same yet the price tag screams about a massive reduction. Next time you go to a supermarket, you’ll make fewer unplanned purchases and take better advantage of genuine discounts.

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