10 Shocking Theories That Show the Other Side of History

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New Egyptian discoveries

Scientists still debate the year of construction of the Egyptian pyramids, the world’s oldest monumental structures. It sounds funny, but the date difference goes from several centuries to 1,000 years!

Let’s take the Great Sphinx of Giza as an example. The Sphinx is commonly believed to have been built during the reign of Pharaoh Khafre in 25 BC. However, in 1857, the Stele of Revealing was discovered in Giza. The translation of the text on the Stele says that Pharaoh Khafre commanded to just restore the Great Sphinx, not build a new one. So we may be dealing with an even older monument than was once believed.

The deep furrows on the Sphinx’s body were proved to be the remains of water erosion. But the weather in Egypt had not been so rainy for at least 8,000 years. This brings us to the conclusion that the Sphinx might be more than 8,000 years old.

It is interesting to know that, after the publication of this investigation, the Egyptian authorities organized the restoration of the eroded Sphinx parts. The Stele of Revealing was taken out of the museum exposition.

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