10 Shocking Theories That Show the Other Side of History

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Fortune hunting in Troy

It is commonly believed that the city of Troy was most likely situated on the Turkish hill Hisarlik and later discovered by archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. However, his colleagues doubted his discovery and considered him to be a fortune hunter.

Now there is a theory that Schliemann self-promoted his own discoveries: he found similar ancient ruins and buried a cache of gold. Museums had significant doubts about the authenticity of the Priam’s Treasure found there.

The Pearl Harbor attack was provoked by the USA

One theory suggests that Franklin D. Roosevelt understood that the only way to influence world history was to interfere in World War II, although American society strongly held different opinions. This theory claims that Roosevelt provoked Japan to start the attack by proposing an ultimatum document: the “Hull note.” He knew about the attack that the Japanese planned because their battlecraft carriers left the base on the day of the attack. For a positive war outcome, it may have been the right move.

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