11 Airplane Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Tell

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5. Handles by the emergency doors

These handles are made first and foremost for the flight attendants to hold in case of panic onboard so they aren’t pushed off the plane by passengers rushing to the exits.

4. Air conditioning system

Have you ever wondered where the air we breathe onboard comes from? It’s actually being bled from a compressor stage of each engine turbine. This is perhaps what served to fuel a superstition that airplane air is dirty. However, no need to worry: the air is filtered and cooled first, and the filters, in fact, retain up to 95% of bacteria.

3. A Cooper vane

This device appeared on aircraft after an unsolved crime perpetrated by some Dan Cooper: he hijacked a passenger airplane, received a ransom, and escaped with a parachute. Since then, all Boeing and Airbus planes have been equipped with a Cooper vane: a device that doesn’t let the doors open mid-flight.

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