11 Unbeatable Ways To Do Ordinary Things 3 Times Faster

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6. How to make your own sorbet in just 2 minutes

Pour a cup of juice into a sealable bag and close it. Place it into a larger bag. Pour in 2 cups of ice, a cup of salt, and a cup of water. Shake well until the juice freezes.

7. How to tie your earphones in 5 seconds so they don’t get tangled later

Make a loop at one end of the earphone wires. Wind the rest of the wire around your player over the top of it. Make a loop at the other end, and pass it through the first. Draw the wires together.

8. How to peel an egg with one breath

Break the eggshell at both ends, then blow on it forcefully, holding it between your fingers. The egg will fly out of the shell completely whole.

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