12 Principles of Royal Upbringing That Parents Should Take Note Of

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10. Family is life’s number one priority.

Even now, 4-year-old George takes care of his little sister, and the Duchess says they are becoming best friends. Even at their young age, the children know the history of their family and often visit the grave of their grandmother, Princess Diana. Kate and William also try to spend as much time as possible with their children. George, for example, likes to chat about everything with his daddy, and Charlotte likes to cook together with her mom.

When having dinner, the children sit together with the adults, despite pre-existing traditions.

9. Everyone has the right to express their thoughts and feelings freely.

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Despite the tradition of bringing up “restrained“ people in the royal family, Kate and William actively develop emotional intellect in their children.

”Seeing children communicating with each other at school, I understand that we live in an absolutely different time. We are being replaced by generations that are not afraid to declare things that really worry them,” says Prince William.

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