15 Brilliant Hacks You Had No Idea About

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Are these hacks weird? Yep. Are they kind of brilliant, too? Heck yeah! cool stuff, cool stuff

I wish I’d known trick #1 back in college. It would have saved me a lot of grief after an incident involving my father’s car, being overtired, and a narrow parking garage. It is now filed away in my memory for the next time… I need to help out a friend of a friend. Yeah, that. Cool stuff, Cool stuff

1. Fix a dent in your car.

That can of compressed air can also be paired with a hair dryer to hide the evidence after minor fender-benders. Expand the plastic by blowing the hair dryer over it, then follow with the compressed air. The sudden change from hot to cold will cause the dent to pop right out.

2. Lock a door with an old fork.

If you’ve got a broken lock or are staying in a sketchy neighborhood and just want to be extra careful, you can use an old fork to prevent the door from unlatching. All it takes is some basic tools to cut the handle off and bend the tips of the tines. cool stuff, cool stuff

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