15 Photos of Kids Who Prove That There’s Still Hope for Humanity

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Kids can be pretty naughty sometimes, but we can still learn much from their innocence and purity. These sweet little creatures never hesitate to take action when required and always stay positive — even in the midst of trouble.

We at iraxis compiled a list of 17 heartwarming pictures of children who will totally restore your faith in kindness.

15. 9-year-old Ken from the Philippines created a no-kill animal shelter in his garage to help stray dogs and cats.

Happy Animals Club 2. 9-year-old Ken from the Philippines creates a no kill animal shelter in his garage.

14. “My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local SPCA. Of course, I let her.”

13. These brave guys found an ingenious way to rescue a dog who had fallen into a ditch.

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