19 Astonishing Facts That Seem Fake at First Glance

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4. There are more than 1.6M ants per person on Earth.

Myrmecologists worldwide made an estimate that there are 1-10 quadrillion ants living on Earth now. That means there are more than 1 million of these insects for each human, and their total mass is about the same as that of mankind.

Sources: bbcinfo

5. There are more artificial flamingos in the world than there are live ones.

The flamingo is a rare bird, but it’s so beautiful that many people would like to see it in their backyard. That’s why there are several times more artificial flamingos worldwide than there are live ones: the latter are counted at 2-3 million, while the number of their plastic counterparts reaches almost 1 billion.

Source: tandfonlinewikipedia

6. The strawberry is not a berry.

As a matter of fact, the “berry” of the strawberry isn’t at all its fruit. It’s just an overgrown receptacle that carries the true fruit on it — that’s right, the green and white seeds. You’ll probably need some time to get used to this.

Sources: huffingtonposteolncbi

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