8 Marriage Proposals Revealing All the Romance of the 21st Century

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A marriage proposal is probably one of the most touching and exciting moments in the life of a couple. Some of them take this ritual really responsibly, with great imagination and a fair amount of humor.

Iraxis collected for you the most unusual proposals proving there are also knights in our time. The most brilliant proposal is waiting for you at the end.

8. Tattooed proposal

Vinnie Capaldo-Smith asked his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, to tattoo his leg. When she started working, she saw a picture with the inscription “Will you marry me?“ and 2 variants of the answer. Fortunately for Vinnie, Brooke gladly tattooed the cross in the ”yes” square.

7. Beluga whale proposal

This guy from Chicago had an unusual assistant for his proposal. It was a white whale from a local aquarium, which brought a box with a note inside: “Will you marry me?“ All he needed to do was give his love the ring and hear the cherished ”yes.”

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